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Oh Sin, Where is your Sting, Oh Death, Where is Your Victory?

Oh Sin, Where is your Sting?Oh Death, Where is your Victory?In such a spirit I will always live!My spiritual friend, why are you discouraged at this time?  Note that this title is taken form Colossians. I have always found this verse a resounding voice of support beyond compare.Is it because you have a great burden upon you? Are you alone in the world? Do others misjudge you, or does the sword of scandal pierce your very soul?  Do fierce coals of juniper[1]  await those vicious tongues that wrong you? Do you feel “bowed down to the dust?” [2] Yet, may I ask of you, what position are you in to be despairing? Oh, child of God and heir of all things, why are you cast down?  This day, don’t you see that you are a joint heir with Christ?Why do you abase yourself?  Why do you lie among the pots[3] when you already have angels’ wings upon you? Is it that you do not accept what your parent has provided, for you long for something else, which you cannot, yet, quite place your finger upon, but ‘oh you do know of its existence.’Get up! Your heritage is not here among the dragons and the owls.[4]  Rise Up! You are one of God’s eagles, born for brighter light than earth could bear—yes, a light that would blind the bleary-eyed sons of men if they were once to get a veiled glimpse of it. You, a twice-born individual, you are now one of the imperial family, one who will sit upon a throne with Christ as surely as Christ sits there,[5] what position are you in that you are moaning and groaning?Ahhh,.. may I say to you, wipe your eyes and smooth your brow, and in the strength of the Eternal God, go to your life battle; it will not be long.  My friend, don’t you hear the trumpet of victory sounds within your ears? Yes? Will you now retreat?  No, for you can win the day. Trust in the LORD, and accept this verse, and so shall you dwell in the land, and verily you shall be fed, [6] until He comes to catch you away.  There you will see what Jesus did for you when He made His body once for all a sacrifice, that He might fulfill the will of the eternal Father, and sanctify you and all His people unto God forever and ever.  May ‘the Peace of the Lord be with you,’ Bro.  Smith SGS 


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