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Neuter Your Demons

As promised this is the follow-up to Jan 09 Blog.  If you have followed me throughout the past year, you will recall, that I spoke concerning various factors, which lend themselves to this dilemma. To recap, the parable of Achilles instructed us that we lend ourselves, just as the trees of Lebanon spoke to one another, citing, that the very limbs they surrender, become the ax handles, which will later cut them down completely. Recall initially, I mentioned the issues of what is a principle and what is a situation. Similar to Algebra, a principle is a constant and situation is the variable. Lastly, I discussed how we are endowed, and the torrents, which we are assailed by and are subject to submit to. Now that we have begun to form our first rung, reading, let us move on to second phase of the first rung, we need to refine it just a bit and then fasten it to Jacob’s Ladder. Once again, let me start out by presenting to you a constant in our equation.  There are only three (3) forms of temptations. The variable, they are numerous, an absolute plethora of situations and intensities of the application/ situation in which these may and often do arise. If the need arises, please mull this over, and re-read my earlier blogs to appreciate this once again. This is an essential process in applying this rung to the ladder, for there is no adhesive; it is all in the application. This is to say, much like a mason applying his craft with the keystone and removing the underpinning. Now to the significant part, if were examine Genesis, we are privy to observe that the Devil only imbued Eve with Three (3) factors. He only made one statement, the application, but in Gen 3:6, we see the three categories, I spoke of earlier. This reenactment is in the Gospel with Christ and the Devil while in the desert. Lastly, John delivers this in his first epistle; it is here that he redefines, just as it is presented initially in Genesis. Do you see it? Let me help you, Lust of the Eyes, Pride of Life, and Lust of the Body. Now if you default to the fact there are two lusts, yes, but lust is an adjective, not a noun, thus, the subject remains separate. I assure you all situations will be filtered into one of these three categories.Now to neuter. When a situation arises, assess, which of these three principles are engaged. Recall that any and all pictorials of Christ in front of the door knocking, does not contain a doorknob. This is because we are responsible to open, this is our will in action, otherwise how are we accountable. In particular his work “Free will and Grace, (See Augustine Essentials, Pilgrim’s Pantry Vol. 4.) Augustine raised and argued against Pelagius concerning this issue. When you give way, ‘access’ for them to enter, they enter and plunder. It is important to recognize and acknowledge that the situation is always the variable. You cannot stop temptation any more that we may dismiss or harness the wind. To attempt is inept and is simply an exercise in futility. Recall also that it has been recorded that while Anthony was living in the desert, Satan came and asked made a startling statement, one in which Anthony is to have responded, perhaps this is the first time you have spoken the truth. I have inserted the statement form an n earlier work:“Once Satan came to me and complained that all Christians and the ascetics in particular, abhorred him. I said, “Why do you disquiet them? He answered, “I do not plague them, they torment themselves; therefore they should be masters of themselves, and not curse me.” I replied, “You are a liar from the beginning; but now for the first time, you have spoken the truth.” (Desert Fathers Vol. 2, Book1- Ch 8)In this case, I agree with Anthony, we are to be masters of ourselves. Recognize that we live within ourselves, no one outside ourselves are aware unless we express it to them. Moreover, if we begin to dismiss within our thoughts, insert a cloud of forgetfulness, we will begin to ascend. It is important to remember, “The Mind is the Battlefield,” It is not the objective, nor the intended target; it is merely the portal of entry. The physical manifestations or other arising factors associated with temptations are just that, you must willfully acknowledge and consent, before entry is made. Peace,Bro Smith SGShttp://Revelationisight.tripod.com  

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We "are" to be Master of Ourselves...


"The Mind is the Battlefield" It is not the objective, nor the intended target; it is merely the portal of entry. The physical manifestations or other arising factors associated with temptations are just that, you must willfully acknowledge and consent, before entry is made. 

Portal of entry: Loving Thoughts

Willfully acknowledge and consent to "God's Will:"

*God- Love 


"Be ye perfect, even as thy Father in heaven is" ( God's thoughts)

Blessings, Catherine

Thank you Very much, Brother Steve Thompson!