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God Being Immutable

God Being Immutable


Hello there my spiritual friend,

   I would like to take this moment to expound a bit on this subject that of God being immutable.

During the Middle Ages, there are numerous titans who attempt to assemble, and then utter their varied reasonings regarding this and other attributes concerning God.

Among them, Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure’s instructor, in his Summa Theol. I,q.4.

Aquinas in his Contra Gentiles I, Ch. 11, (see Aquinas library Vol. 5)

The list is extensive, thus let it suffice, here, that it is great.

My hope is to discuss and express this issue in quite simple terms:

First, if you ponder one who is succumb by an external stimulus is not immutable, thus they cannot be God.

Second, if you consider the stimulus, it is not that it is greater in and of itself; it may only be able to irritate the issue. This is quite simple as the ‘rock, paper, scissors’. One may by its existence affect another item.

God does not respond to an external stimulus, in the event God were a respondent, then God is not immutable. If not immutable, then not supreme.

No doubt this line of thought could  go on for pages upon pages, filling tomes all  lined upon shelves.

My whole intent and point regarding this matter is that through it all, God’s gift to us, in this season, is a perfect example,  as Paul writes, “Oh death, where is your victory, oh sin, where is your sting?”

Oh my spiritual friend,  see and behold what God has bestowed upon you and me, and be content in knowing that He has all under control…and because of this event, we have eternal life.



Bro. Smith SGS


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