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Genuineness, now there is a word, which seems to cleave to our palates, and yet never leaving our mouth, not alone our very thoughts. Quite often this is because we are either not entirely aware or comfortable with ourselves our are not completely aware of what it is that we both and need.

Oh indeed, we can readily state what it is that we desire…which is clearly not, what we need.

Now, let me say from the very outset, that we can often and quite accurately address and speak of what it is that we are trying to say, but not of how we really feel. More importantly, as to what it is that we truly long for. This is quite often because we lack the experience of genuineness.

You see genuineness, is a subset of truth. Truth in that what it is tasks all who are responsible to surrender perhaps more than what we / they intend.  Now let me also, rather quickly, extinguish all inflammation of ire, oil squelching, and cut at the very roots all resentments, for I merely speak in generalities and address the very specifics of these topics, much like one who shares bezels of wisdom from having learned. Although I would place myself in the likes of anyone who has a semblance of learning, not alone a quiver of wisdom and my bow has lost its string; I am merely an old man prattling away.

It is this issue of genuineness, which both satisfies one’s thirsty and warms the heart, with love from whose very hand, the extent what is given. For although we may not know that we were ever hungry, yet when we sit and break bread together, we are somehow satiated with both the meal and the exchange of words, companionship and things which are…well ineffable.

This happens all the while we are experiencing the genuineness of whatever is both shared, imparted and  received.

Do see and learn from what I have attempted to scribe here, my assemblage of 26 letters have their limits, although they ready leap on to the page, without reservation….I merely need to tap upon them into service.

Pray my spiritual friend for the meaning and enlightenment of what I am ever so impotently scribbling here…seek the Lord’s face while in your closet. Ask Him to illuminate your understanding, dismiss the things which bind us all…pray for you, me and all of us…



Bro. Smith SGS