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Dealing with Perception and Projection


Dealing With Perception & Projection

Words and actions follow a person similar to a shadow when exposed to the light. These same are, in truth, fraternal twins, for one manifests the other. Thus, just as a shadow is a reflection of our physical body, so too are actions a manifestation of thoughts, words conceived within our darkness.


If one's wish is considered to be the ‘father' to the thought, care may be called its ‘mother', and their offspring shown in varying proportions the features of both their parents.  If a man's lot on earth has been running over with pleasure, he will readily conceive the future as a pale and shadowy reflection of his mortal experience. Now if such an experience has left him a wide margin for wishes and longings, then imagination will dip her brush in the rosy colors of hope. Finally, excess of suffering, and the habit of sufferance it engenders, blunt the edge of hope as well as that of desire, and imagination is left to exercise its skill on purely joyless pictures of the future. 

Mental viruses:

Moreover, when we change our point of view and look at the theory of cognition instead of the facts of nature, we find ourselves impelled to another and a deeper reservation.  The student of that theory is doubtful whether in the last resort he can learn anything about the exterior world, or at least can learn anything else, except what is taught to him by the existence of a series of sensations connected by laws of uniformity.


The difference between primary and secondary qualities, which plays so prominent a part in the foreground of cognition, loses its fundamental importance in his eyes.  His mature self-consciousness obliges him to refer back to sensations not merely smells, tastes, colors, and sounds, but also all the essential characteristics of material substance, and to acknowledge that the conception of matter itself is robbed of its contents when the perceiving and feeling subject of sensation is abstracted. 

However, the atomic theory is not valueless even in the eyes of thinkers who take the above point of view.  They recognize in it  "a mathematical model for the statement of facts", and they ascribe to it  "a function in physics similar"  to that possessed by  "certain auxiliary mathematical conceptions."

What to do:


Every virtue, as a good habit, drives on to its own particular good; in fact, every virtue is unsatisfied with any but the highest good in its own line. No virtue staggers through life in a middle-aged weariness whose illusion is disillusionment and to which compromise is a way of life; virtue is not to be satisfied with a partial or half-hearted control of reason in its own line. It insists upon a whole and complete subordination to the commands of reason.

Fortitude is no exception; it trains its guns on the higher dangers that are connected with the pursuits of the higher good. In our attempt to express this thought and summarize the principal objects of Christian courage.

Oh my spiritual friend, as we approach the close of another year, ushered in by a series of holidays, both religious and secular, come with openness and a few ideas and solution regarding what it is that you shall change and how this is to be achieved. For those of you in the business community, your motto "follow-up, follow-up" is essential.

As our endeavoring friend is about to encounter something prior to his arrival to the "Chamber of Confessions" may I ask that you come, set yourself apart form everyone, for a short spell of time and ponder, reflect and come to see what it is that makes you where you are, what it is that will help you move ever up the ladder.


Bro Smith SGS