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Brother's Keeper--Devil's Advocate

Brother’s Keeper-- Devil’s Advocate


As this New Year begins, recognize that there is one less for us to reconcile ourselves. There are always two things we are accountable for; time and what took place within a span of time. Nothing more, nothing less. This is true whether before one another or before God. Since time is ticking away, let me offer an avenue of reconciliation, renewal and a map for consideration.


The phrase “Brother’s Keeper” is a slogan brought into our English language by Tyndale, a Biblical translator, who ironically was banished from England by King James for his translation of the scriptures, and yet, in just a few years King James would be subject to commission his own.


This initial portion of the title or phrase is a snippet, lifted form Cain’s response to God concerning his brother Abel.  This is the first offspring and first generation; Cain is manifesting the other old adage “the sins of my father have befallen me.” 


For his father, Adam, in a similar scenario responded to God, in Genesis 3:12.   He shifted the blame, along to Eve, who in turn passed it on to the serpent…and then…well the rest, as they say, is history.


The second portion of the title, is typically in reference to today’s attorneys, and has been passed on to many who attempt, as “sea lawyers,” to provide advice or propose the “what if scenario,” much as today’s officers of the court, whose whole objective is to veer the direction of sight from their accused defendant to being the alleged victim of circumstance. This plays out; all the while the plaintiff stands in disbelief.


There are two interesting passages in the Job concerning the devil; they are quite similar, (see Job 1:6-7, this is where Peter in his 1st epistle, 1 Pt 5:8, obtains his version.) “He roams about looking for his next culprit.”  Notice again in Job the singular verse that Satan retorts to God. Satan portrays the “accusatorial” role and one, I may add, that he has not diminished in this role from the beginning.


My question is: How often in response to an honest intent, or off the cuff adversarial remark raises suspicion? How often in support or in dismissal, is this stiletto of ours, the operative of choice?


It is in this accusatorial role, that the “sins of our fathers” manifesto, in tandem with our inherent errors, perpetuate this distortion and thus the proverbial “seven deadly” sins has a fertile soil where it thrives and continues to enhance the bounty.  This is because there is no responsibility, the “I’m ok, you’re ok” scenario dismisses the sting of sin, the guilt and shame of our actions, thus enabling our tolerance to engulf a deluge of heinous insurrections against humanity.


Ponder your role, how far have you drifted. Next month I will commence with part II, “How to ‘neuter’ your demons.” In short, there are only three (3) categories that all the errors fall into, simply three. For indeed, the wide range of human indignities has their roots from one of these branches.  Between now and then recall an earlier blog where I recounted an ancient desert tale of how the cedar trees of ancient Lebanon discussed among themselves lamenting, “The very branches, which we render will become axe handles, which shall eventually cut us and our brethren down.” Engage yourself wisely, move with purpose, yield to what is right. There is an old fable of sorts, which goes something like this; “Once upon a time here where two brothers, the wind and sun. One day the wind saw a young traveler making his way along the road when Wind said to his brother, “I bet I can gat him to take off his coat in three attempts, where you cannot.” The sun gazed upon the pilgrim and consented to the offertory. The wind began to blow and the pilgrim just hunkered down and kept his pace. The wind began again, but a bit harder, the young traveler just turned his back and wrapped himself tighter, the wind attempted his third try and the traveler simply pressed on while binding the cloak even more. The sun beamed to his brother and asked, “May I?”

The sun just gave a bit of himself, the light was just a bit brighter, the wind was almost dismissed and the day was just a bit warmer, quickly the pilgrim removed his cloak for the day was bright, warm and beautiful.” My sojourning friend, consider which brother you are, for you can only provide from what you are made of.


For those of you who will endeavor to participate in the “Ascent of the Pilgrim,” please go to the website, under monthly “blog,” and there, please read and download the first chapter. It is free. In addition, there is a quarterly daily devotional for those who find it adventitious it also is free.




Bro Smith SGS


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May I be a Light for my Brother

Beautiful..Simply beautiful!

Thank you, Steve.