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Huntress Year One #2 or Huntress Hero

The second Issue of Ivory Madison's Noir comic drama and I am very much enjoying it. Secret Societies, Romeo and Juliet, Menacing Mobsters, and a slick art style that really conveys the story. Comic Books now a days have been exploring a so called decompression style which I don't enjoy. Decompression results in One fight scene or dramatic moment stretched painfully thin across several issues. Ivory's Huntress does the opposite each scene in the issue is used to it full effect. You get a depth and breadth of story on each page and it never overly full. The end of each issue has been like a good serial on the radio tune in next week for the next installment and see how our Hero (yes hero not heroine despite our protagonists female gender to under stand you will have to read the comic) makes it through and how the story will continue on.

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You're right, Brian—I'm liking the way Ivory and Cliff Richards are successfully including so much action, plot, and character into what must seem to them like an impossibly small space.

It's such a dark and exciting series! We're lucky the issues are coming out every two weeks.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room