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Writing an outline is tough work

I've been working very sporadically on my outline. Its difficult work because I'm actually trying "feel" the depth of the piece in advance. I find myself designing the characters up front. I'm considering how they will each interact with the main character and what each will learn from the other through shared experience. Several characters grow through the the work. I can see that the main character is more of a catalyst. Even though he faces his loss and grows beyond it, its those who are around him that benefit the most. All he does is become more of who he is.

I can't post anything. I keep thinking about posting the outline, but its still early in the development and gives away the plot.

I'll post chapters when I think they are done. My company has a forced shutdown for Christmas and New Years, hopefully I'll get some time to work on it some more.

Right now the outline is a jumble of tiny little plot elements with an idea of how the plot should evolve but without a holistic flow through the entire story. I have bits and pieces of what should happen with ideas about how each thing could happen.

Its very important to me that each character evolve and act as if it were under its own power. Like a steam ship I want it to chug its own course and no mysterious hand of god to tug it along in the desired direction.

My feeling is, when I start writing, the characters will become those independent steam ships going in the direction that compels them and the plot itself will deviate from my idea. I'll end up having to adapt the outline back to the story that evolves as I write. In this way I will work with them to develop them to the fullest.

Sometimes I wonder if that isn't what God does with us: works with us to develop our characters to the fullest expression of who we are.

This is really fun!