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The World As I See It

Many people claim to want peace. In fact if you ask a person, "Do you want peace in your life?" They will reply -- without hesitation -- that they do. Yet, if you follow them for a few days it will be obvious that they lied through their teeth.

Whether or not they lied to themselves first becomes irrelevant. As you follow them through their day you see that all they do is cause themselves and others to be as far from peace as is possible. Often it appears in the guise of doing something "good" or "right" but usually boils down to egotistical righteousness.

It will be patently obvious to anyone who follows them around that they do not actually intend to bring peace to themselves.

Here's the irony: If you could step into someone else's shoes and follow yourself around, it would be apparent that you too are not even remotely interested in finding peace.

This really makes me wonder: just what the eff is peace?

There are a myriad of books written on the subject. And if you read them all you'd see a myriad of common themes between them. You'd hear words and subjects like: stillness, awareness, cessation of desire, presence, and being in the here and now. But would you really and truly grok peace by reading all these books?

Hell no. Why? Simply because words can never relate experience. Even if we had the ability to record a human experience of enlightenment and play it back to others, because those other people are different they would not experience the "wow" moments and would not become enlightened.

Oh: Don't Get Me Started on the word "Enlightened." Just take it a face value.

Here's one of my favorite quotes:


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. --George Bernard Shaw   The first time I read that quote I fell into how true it is and I lost myself there for a long time.   I want to help the world find peace and that makes me an unreasonable man. An irony.   To truly help the world I have to give up my desire to help the world. Yet another irony.   To teach peace, I must become peaceful. I guess that's not so ironic as it is difficult to do. After all: how good am I at stepping out of my self and seeing how anti-peaceful my behavior is? Let me tell you: not very.   I have resigned myself to rise above the desire to help. I have given up my complex to help and have attempted to fill the void with other stuff. It works for a while, but then I become impatient. Damn I want something to happen to walk folks up. Hell, I want something to happen to wake me up. When will I get off my toucas and start doing something with my talent? When will I find a path to get what I know out into the world for people to chew on?   Did you see that? That started out as me wanting to be more aware and became all about me going out and changing the world. From desire for awareness to desire for egotism. That's the tricky bit, ain't it?   My ten month old son plays one particular game with me. He looks at me and shakes his head with a huge smile on his newly toothed mouth. Then I shake my head in response and we both laugh: him much more so than I.   He laughs and laughs and laughs and we do it over and over and over.   When he's tired, he shakes his head. I think he's trying to force himself to stay awake. Its the same head shake as the game we play but it serves a different purpose. Tonight he did it while playing with a toy, lost his balance and planted his face on the blunt hard plastic edge of the toy. It hurt and he cried.   Suddenly the game which was purely for joy has become a chore with a goal and in this case ends with a disastrous result. His goal, even upon reaching it (by staying awake), has caused him some physical misery. Already he is trying to change reality by staying awake. This strongly implies that this desire to change the outer reality is a human trait.   I guess somewhere in our murky past humanity survived because someone had a gene that caused him to change his environment. My point here is: we're stuck in a human trap and there's no escape. It is our nature to do as Mr. Shaw observes.   [I lost my place and my thought process. I'll try to finish this tomorrow. G'Night]