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Resistance isn't futile, its dangerous

One of my lessons for this lifetime (perhaps this is a lesson everyone needs to learn, perhaps not) has been understanding the true nature of energy and its power to manifest our future.

There has been an awful lot of literature written about this. The principal is as old as humanity. What ever ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Put as simply as I can: where ever you put your energy and attention, that will manifest for you. Seems obvious when destroyed with words, huh? (by destroyed I mean words utterly fail to describe what I feel inside when I contemplate it). Another way to put it is: what ever we dwell upon, that grows into our future.

I want to talk today about one of my biggest shortcomings. I'm more stubborn than most people you will ever meet. I tend to be really resistant to change and I really don't like doing things outside a schedule. In other words: I resist stuff.

If I get it in my head that I need to make a change I will do everything I can to make the change happen. Assuming the change is healthy that's actually a good quality. Arriving at that decision might take a while but once it clicks I set all my might toward that conclusion. I'm like a bull at the front of a cart. I'll pull that cart and its load until I take it to the destination.

When I decide to end a bad habit, however, this bull on cart approach doesn't work and until recently I didn't know that. I've always felt that if I need to get somewhere I can pull and if I want to stop going somewhere I can resist moving. That simply isn't the case. The reason its not the case comes back to the nature of reality that I eluded to previously. Our future manifests out of the energies of the moment. We can pull with desire, but we cannot stop with resistance. Resistance is different from a desire to stop moving and reality teaches us that.

Where we put our energy increases the probability that we will manifest the moment associated with that energy. Let me restate that: what ever we think about, are attracted to, or where ever we put out attention gets energy from us. You could liken it to desire: we desire something and as soon as that desire builds up enough energy in its eventuality, it manifests. Since our minds are scattered among many desires, often the energy for what we sincerely believe we desire is dwarfed by the unconscious desires we don't actually know about.

Every moment of every day this occurs without our suspecting it. What ever we think about, what ever we desire  and what ever we want or perceive as a need builds for us a future made up of those things.

If we declare that we don't want certain things, like the speeding ticket being written, the driver who cut us off, the screaming of the child at our feet or the barking of the ankle biter next door and we resent and resist what is, then we are acting in unhealthy ways.

Its mostly obvious that resisting these negative experiences causes more of the negative experiences to manifest for us, but what happens when we try to act healthy by resisting unhealthy things? For example lets say I have an unhealthy habit of being irritated by people with bad driving skills. To master the situation I believe that I should resist the urge to play bumper cars, and surely I must resist the urge to buy a gun and teach them some manners, but should I resist the feelings and the reactions that occur within me? Lately I'm resisting my unhealthy attitudes and you know what? It doesn't work! I just bring more of those moments into my life by resisting. I have found that the goal for me right now is to not resist and still do nothing. I must let things pass through me or wash over me like water off a duck's back and I must also do nothing. No inner reaction, no outer reaction, no fight, no resistance and no guilt.

I'm trying to be a master of nothing. In other words a master of non-reaction.

Thanks for reading!