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The house shot down the 700 Billion Bailout of the Mega Rich! Hooray!

Personally, I'd like to see them come up with a more pragmatic approach. In the last week they've been able to bail out an S&L (Wamu) and a Bank (Wachovia) by selling them off to stable competitors. That's how its supposed to work, folks. Strong survive, weak and stupid die. Propping up the industry will do nothing more than keep things status quo so at some point a bigger bailout will be needed. What happens when the government itself needs a bailout? We can't go on like this forever. Honestly, we need to learn this lesson. Greed = unhealthy.

The best part of this is: it was the true Republicans who stopped it. It makes me hopeful that the Republican party can re-establish its roots. We need to end the imperialist division of the Republican party and I think this was a step in the right direction.

The question is: what are we getting for our 700 Billion Dollars? We're enabling a failing infrastructure, with failed banks and other failed companies to survive. That's not capitalism, that's not the sort of Freedom that Americans are supposed to die for.

Do you see? We have to die for our freedom. In this case people aren't dying, its companies. These companies must die and allow their corpses to be ravaged by competitors because that is the nature of freedom. These companies must sacrifice themselves for the greater good, namely: true freedom. I'm not sure I like capitalism much because its easy for capitalism to breed selfish greed and transform into imperialism, but freedom I know, understand and love with all my heart and soul.

What will we get for 700 Billion Dollars? Status quo. Not a very good bargain.

What else could we get for that same 700 Billion? Here's a short list of ideas. None of them are mine.

  1. Government investment in space exploration and the technologies that come out of it.
  2. A health care system that works and isn't driven by selfish greed and the need to please stock holders.
  3. Government investment in clean energy, new energy grids, new energy infrastructure.
  4. Government rebates promoting energy efficiency.
  5. A top notch education for all children who want it.
  6. Government investment to promote peaceful attitudes and diplomacy to actually make a difference in the world.
  7. Replace the world's perception of the US as "fear mongering, Christian fundamentalists" with "peaceful world example."

Why in the world would we consider propping up things as they are? I think its because we are afraid of change. That's the conservative way. Last week Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show, compared Bush's speech on the bailout with his "attack Iraq" speech. They were almost identical in form and function. They had one thing in common that struck me: they both pandered to fear. Fear is the mind killer. Once we succumb to fear we insure our own extinction. It is time we face the music, face our fears and allow the world to crumble around us. Once all the weakened foundations have collapsed bringing down their golden towers with them, we'll be able to lay a new foundation, a better foundation and build a system upon it which is not only stronger, but healthier as well.

I say, let the house of cards fall. Let the cards fall!

We will begin again and we will be wiser, stronger and healthier!

I'm aware this will affect everyone. I'm willing to pay the price, are you?

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Dear Brian:

This is quite a thought-provoking, down-to-earth and meaningful piece. Thanks a lot for sharing it with all of us. Cheers!

With very good wishes: