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More on Manifestation

There's this really old saying in the bible, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Does anyone actually understand what they mean by that? Here's my perspective.

I've blogged about this before, sorry if it sounds like a repeat.

The universe is a static matrix of quantum mechanical possibilities. It never changes because there are a finite number of things that can happen in a moment, and since each moment leads to the next as "Now" traverses the static matrix of possibilities, something has to decide what happens.

Its pretty simple actually: energy of momentums shoot forward in time seeking manifestation. These so called karmas are just energies with quality. Those qualities seek to manifest so they are attracted to the "moments" in the matrix that closely relate to their qualities. These moments could be anywhere forward in time. Eventually as the consciousness of "now" approaches decisions, it measures the amount of energy at every node and manifests the node with the most energy. Energy is never wasted, so if a node is passed, its energy leaps forward again seeking a new manifestation.

Once the energy is manifested it is spent, unless something in the physical universe reacts to it and causes the cycle of karma to continue.

Humans are fairly unique in that we can sometimes consciously choose to not react and thus break the cycle of karma. Animals can do this as well, but they must have other karmas influencing their ability to not react to break the cycle. We can consciously desire to stop reacting and that makes us different from the animals.

There are two kinds of energy of manifestation: conscious and unconscious or to put it another way: the energies not of the machine and the energies of the machine.

Time does not actually exist. We perceive time because we are machines that live in the universe of possibilities that are designed to perceive so they can further their genetic line (our machine code). Life is a race of the races. Its who can survive the longest. Well, except for us. We can, quite carefully and only when we really blessed, step out of the race of genetics and do other things. We can become aware of the awareness that makes us, that gives us perception. We can learn to step between the moments of manifestation and watch as consciousness draws the universe before our senses.

We can do that because the mechanisms of the universe require differing amounts of consciousness to function. A rock on the moon needs very little consciousness to function because not much happens from moment to moment and there's very little machinery, just a few bazillion molecules to contend with. Humans are machines on top of machines on top of machines. We have many many levels of machinery, each more complicated than the last. This requires a great deal more consciousness to make us function and because of that consciousness it is possible for us to catch it in the act of manifestation and see ourselves in a whole new light.

If our existence is merely the moment to moment perception of what happens as consciousness moves through this static matrix of eventualities, are we actually real? The answer is yes, to us and to everything else in this experiential game.

The really hard thing to wrap our minds around is the simple fact that: if we can conceive it, it exists and can manifest. That everything that happens to us and around us is designed by us and occurs because we, our ancestors, and the people who came before us gave it the energy to do so.

It means that we can eventually have absolute control, but simple action can't actually change anything: we must build a different future by breaking old momentums and creating new ones.

This is where "The Secret" comes in and why it works for the very low karma folks. High karma folks will change their future, but likely much farther out because they have a lot of high energy manifestations to clear out. Of course if they do enough energy work they can manifest anything, it just takes longer and more effort.

Please keep in mind that the universe has its own momentums which are like breezes blowing things in certain directions. None of us can stop that wind from blowing, but if the wind pushes us away from peace, then we know we have to walk into the wind to find peace. So even if we live in a time where its harder to find peace, its the fact that its harder that gives us the ability to know which way to walk.

This is why planning is so important. If we conceive something we wish to accomplish and we plan for it, every time we think about the plan, develop the plan, implement the plan, we are putting energy toward the plan's eventuality. Praying, meditating, contemplating, devoting our selves to the plan also sends energy forward through the matrix to create the eventuality. For some of us, making the plan is enough because we have karmas such that we are permitted to build our lives without much influence from the past. But for others it will take years if not generations to manifest their plan.

It is critically important to realize that just because we put energy toward an eventuality, we are not actually the ones who make it happen. Reality spawns it for us. So we can't really take credit. Its like a dam engineer taking credit for the energy that his hydro power station makes. He isn't making the power, the water is, all he did was find a way to funnel it into a generator.

We may think that we "did that." We can even say it, but the fact is: we only provided the energy to enable it to manifest. The manifestation is done by the Consciousness that made us and that sustains us.

This is where thankfulness comes in. Thankfulness itself creates energy of manifestation. So when we pick even the tiniest positive thing that's currently manifesting in our lives and are thankful for it, energy to recreate that event moves forward into the future and enables it.

Likewise, fear, hatred, anger, lust, desire, and all those deadly "sins" cause energy to move into the future to cause more of those things to manifest.

Which is why getting in a "negative" or "unhealthy" habit is so hard to break. We react to the negative occurrence with anger or fear and that reaction puts more energy into the future to manifest it again in our experience.

For example: If a guy gets upset when someone cuts him off as he's driving the I80 to work, that anger and other emotions don't just go away, they go into the realm of future possibilities and make that occurrence manifest again at some time in the future. And if his reaction gets bigger and bigger, then the occurrence gets more and more violent each time until eventually he'll probably have a collision.

If he blames the other person for the accident and resents even more, then he's just setting himself up for more negative occurrences.

On the other hand if a man gets cut off and he lets it go by consciously choosing to not care that the other person is not aware, then this non reactionary man will "burn off" the karma and not have to face it again.

Perhaps he reacts, but doesn't act on it, that too will cause less energy to manifest in the future and the next time it happens the circumstance will not be as negative. In this way the cycle will be broken after some time because the energy of manifestation will dry up.

Time to get ready for bed.

G'Night All!