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I got a new day job!

A bunch of little updates:

I accepted a job at a new startup today. I start next Monday. This will insure my families health and stability. This is a wonderful thing. Plus the company has huge potential. Its in the "Green Tech" area which is likely where the next high growth area comes from. (sorry its not biotech yet, heh).

I have found that with patience and constant vigilance it is possible to write in first person present tense. But boy is it challenging. I actually burn out after a few pages of conversion. I'm going to be editing this book, "Yama: the Angel of Death" for a long time. I will learn a lot and that's quite nice.

Someone checked in KDE 4.2 ebuilds into kde-testing before KDE 4.2 was actually released, how silly! I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out where the files are before I realized they don't exist. (this is a Linux thing, if you don't get it, don't worry). They have been released as of today though, I'm emerging now! Woohoo!

Too bad my HP laptop resets itself up to 25 times before actually booting. I kinda wish it would die again, but part of me hopes it will last until Core I7 laptops are available later this year.

If you want deals, now is the time: companies are flushing their inventories to lean up for the downturn and selling stuff below cost to get as much cash as they can. In six months there won't be very many things available and I suspect it will all be more expensive.

Does anyone have a good system for storing their ideas? I sometimes send myself emails, sometimes add to a text document on my desktop, sometimes create an outline and save it on my server, but honestly there has got to be a better way...

Hope your week is grand.