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San Jose, CA
Jan 2008

I belong to generation X. Which isn't saying they own me, but more that I grok my generation.

I was born in West Virginia, raised in western Pennsylvania. I'm the son of divorced and remarried parents whom I love very much.

I grew up Catholic and very connected with the concept of God. I opened my heart and mind to other ways of thinking and chose to let the good intentions and energies of many religions influence my thoughts, feelings and actions. I consider myself Hindu because Hinduism is the only religion I know that not only tollerates other religions but actually embraces them and their teachers.

I'm married, have two children, and one cats.

I work as an Electrical Engineer Green Tech. startup.

Computers are a passion.

Writing is a compulsion.


Life, the Universe and Everything (both the book by D.A. and the objects themselves), Tolle, Germaine, Saraswati, Krishna, Chandi, Shiva, Shakti, Wifey, Babies, Maurice

Upcoming Works

Science Fiction Furry Romance; Yama: The Angel of Death; Hero Thud

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Linux, Life, Self, Computers, Writing, Story Telling, Electronics, Spirituality