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***** Exciting Murder In Delightful Melbourne
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L. Rigod

***** Exciting Murder In Delightful Melbourne, September 27, 2013 By L. Rigod "avid mystery reader" (Nice, CA USA)
This review is from: A Wicked Design (a Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Paperback)
Antique dealer and amateur crime solvers, Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby are taking a journey to Belinda's childhood home, Melbourne, Australia, in this fifth novel of the 'Belinda Lawrence Mystery' series. Hazel is planning a detour to Singapore and then the two will meet up at Belinda's parents home.
Hazel departs and just prior Belinda's turn, a life-altering telephone call arrives. 'He's dead!' is the shocking message. How? Why? All Belinda's mother knew was who, where and when and the conditions put forth in the newspaper.
Shocked, but determined, Belinda continues with her travel plans. The beauty and architectural changes of her home city is lost upon the grief stricken woman. To add to the mystery, Belinda receives a couriered package containing a small pamphlet and key ring with keys at her parent's home.
Trying to make contact with the victim's family, Belinda is immersed into the new civil war between the Roundheads and Cavaliers. What has a proposed Dome being added to the House of Parliament have to do with the victim? Who are the strange mourners at the funeral and what are their connection to the deceased? Encountering retired music hall entertainers, colourful antique dealers, a gregarious Major, and more has Belinda and Hazel twirling. The most alarming? What is Belinda's fiancé, Mark Sallinger involvement?
This novel's storyline was complex and filled with surprises for the reader. As the Author wove the plot through the city of Melbourne, we were treated with a travel tour of the architectural highlights such as the 'State Parliament House' and 'Spring Street', and 'St. Patrick's Cathedral.' I found the tale compelling, the mystery fulfilling, and the 'city' delightful. This series continues to improve with each new story. I look forward to the next installment. These books are novella length.