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**** Entertaining Mystery
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Tom W

This review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
Belinda Lawrence receives an envelope from her Great Aunt, whom she has met only once, telling her that she has something important to say to her and requesting that she visit. When Belinda gets to her great aunt's house, she discovers her aunt's decaying body at the bottom of the staircase. the police rule it an accident. While she is there she meets her aunts solicitor who informs her that she has inherited a sizable amount of money and is now the owner of the house. She begins to suspect that maybe it was not an accident. the letter is postmarked two days after the death. She comes back to the house after meeting with the solicitor to find that it has been ransacked. The more she asks about her aunt, the more she is convinced she was murdered. The story is set in Bath in England and the writing has a decided British style and tone. A delightfully entertaining book.