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**** Charming, funny and darkly engaging
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**** Charming, funny and darkly engaging., 24 May 2013
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This review is from: A Canterbury Crime (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
The excellent writer Brian Kavanagh returns with another Belinda Lawrence Mystery, this time set in Canterbury. Intimately detailing various locations within the ancient city, readers local to the area will thoroughly enjoy this book, and those who do not know the city will learn a lot about the history and geography as well. Being from Canterbury myself, I enjoyed the little notes Kavanagh makes of street names, church locations and near-by villages. As Belinda and Hazel attempt to solve the mystery of Professor de Gray's death, they find themselves caught up in a web of local, personal, and religious history, all coming together in order to resolve a life-long family secret. Full of twists and turns, this book takes you on a memorable journey and will leave you wanting more.

A Canterbury Crime