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***** A Wicked Design by Brian Kavanagh
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Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Brian Kavanagh has done it again. Another great mystery "A WICKED DESIGN" starring Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby. After learning of the death of a very dear friend and ex-boyfriend of Belinda, the two women set a goal to find out why he was murdered and by whom.
As they dug deeper into the case, more murders occurred. They knew somehow they were connected, and done by the same person. Even with their own lives in danger, Belinda and Hazel kept digging for clues.
Throughout the story, you can't help but chuckle at the antics of these two women as they pursue the villains. Kavanagh, in his Australian brogue, has you catching your breath at the close calls as you head for the climax of the story.
Beautifully done and a fun story. I highly recommend `A Wicked Design' by Brian Kavanagh.

Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Author of the renowned `Hawkman Series'

A Wicked Design