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Many people might not know of William the Conqueror and 1066, or the battle in Sussex, beyond knowing of King Harold's horrible death by an arrow in eye. But William was a charismatic and vibrant figure and the Battle at Hastings was a central moment in European history. William and Harold, two warriors at the height of their powers and their history is recorded in the ancient Bayeux tapestry. With three films to be made of these dramatic events, interest will be high, so be prepared and read of the mysterious and intriguing events portrayed in the Bayeux tapestry, which features in the second Belinda Lawrence mystery novel, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE. Join Belinda in her search for the solution to the secret hidden in the tapestry – and unravel this exciting murder mystery!

THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE a Belinda Lawrence mystery.

 “I’m not terribly familiar with this period of history but my inner conspiracy theorist was thoroughly engaged by the well-researched details and intriguing speculations about the Bayeux Tapestry, the historical events it portrays and the royal lineage of England. The resolution to the story was very much in keeping with the events that preceded it (not always a given in crime fiction these days) ….

All in all this is a thoroughly entertaining read and especially recommended to those who enjoy stories with a historical twist.”

My rating 3.5/5Bernadetteinoz

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