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An "interesting" view of life .

Belinda Lawrence's partner in crime, Hazel Whitby, a dealer in Antiques has, shall we say, an "interesting" view of life - and how to live it! Let her tell you about it in this message. Click on HAZEL to start and stop.


***** A darned good yarn, March 17, 2012
This review is from: Bloody Ham (BELINDA LAWRENCE MURDER MYSTERY) (Kindle Edition)
Kavanagh at his best, this yarn takes the reader into the plastic world of film, with bloody murder along for the ride.

The two girls are back, Belinda - with a choice to make about marriage to Mark, while her old boyfriend Brad muddies the waters - and Hazel, who is at her rampant best with Tim, a young Australian editor. The plot moves at a good pace, and almost every question is answered. Brad is a bit of a twit, showing his hand at the end when confronted by - but I don't do spoilers!

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery of two murders and plenty of suspects. As to the question of who Belinda chooses - Kavanagh had better be in the throes of writing the next novel in this series, or woe betide him...
Review by author Diana Hockley.