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Would YOU do it for $1million?
This thriller contains more than its share of sex, and takes a big hammer to religion...
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It’s an old premise, now, but one that still crops up in conversation. You’re happily married, don’t sleep around, and one day you receive an offer to spend the weekend with somebody in return for the proverbial million dollars.

What do you do?

There’s two opposite answers from people, when asked the question. You get the immediate, automatic response coming straight from the heart, which is either:

a)      No way, not even for ten million...

b)      Sure I would. Just think what we can do with a million dollars... 

What is really interesting about it, is that after some thought, their answer can often swing in the opposite direction!Some people start to lay down conditions, “Well, it depends upon who is asking the question.” While others say, “Hell, I don’t care who it is—for a million bucks I’ll sleep with anybody for one night!”

So, it seems to be a matter of principle with most of us, but one that can be bent or even thrown away, if the reward is sufficient.

There was an old joke that went something like this...A guy walks up to an attractive woman in a bar and asks, “Will you sleep with me for a hundred bucks?” only to be told exactly where to go and where to put his money. Undaunted, he asks, “Will you sleep with me for ten thousand dollars?” and the response is positive but wary—“How do I know I’ll get the money?”

The guy then says, “So, we’ve established you’ll sleep with me for money. Now, it’s just a matter of negotiation!”

On that basis, is the person who sleeps with somebody for a large amount of money on a definite ‘one-off’ arrangement morally different to prostitutes, call-girls, and gigolos?I

n the old days of sport, when there were both amateurs and professionals, you were classed as a professional if you accepted even a small amount of money just one time. There was the harrowing case almost a century ago, when Jim Thorpe, the American-Indian who was classed worldwide as the greatest athlete of all time, returned to New York with his Olympic Gold medals only to be stripped of them in disgrace in public, because as a teenager he was given 30 cents for lunch after a ball-game.

Do the same rules apply in the case of the person who sleeps with somebody just one time in return for vast riches? 

You can read stories in the media every month of people who progressed their career by sleeping with influential individuals, and we’ve all heard of ‘the casting couch’ of Hollywood fame, where many a starlet commenced her career!Are these people prostitutes?

The one-off person may argue, “I only did it once or twice, so that’s okay...” and regard themselves as different and ‘above’ those who do it regularly or for a living.

The question begging to be answered in those cases is “Are they different?”

You either have principles or you don’t, seems the logical response. You can’t be almost a virgin; you either are or you’re not, there’s no two-ways about it. You are either loyal to your partner, or you’re not, and it’s no good arguing with the reasons for your dalliance. If you sleep around in order to further your career, or to gain a large sum of money as in the title question, even if it is to benefit your spouse and family you have to accept the fact you’ve broken the principle.

Would I do it for a million?

Betchya’ life I would!