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San Antonio, TX
May 2010

Brian DeLay's first published journalistic exposé on underage drinking earned him a professional newspaper byline...and a lawn full of empty beer cans strewn by angry high school students. They left other beer-related substances on his front porch.  This went on for six weeks.  Subsequent published work has been more favorably received.  As a musician, DeLay performed on guitar and lute throughout North America and the former Soviet Union.  He has appeared with many nationally-renown ensembles, such as the Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, the Cincinnati Symphony Chamber Players and the Cincinnati Opera Orchestra.  He taught music for many years at the College of Santa Fe.  The L.A. Times and Albuquerque Journal like him. 

DeLay is working on a novel.  If he hears you snicker about it, he'll write you in as a villainous sidekick... and then he'll kill you off on page 23.  

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