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American Son: A Novel (W.W. Norton)
Published by New York Times
Two half-Filipino brothers can pass for white, but their mother cannot; painful conflicts are in store for everybody in this novel's complex exploration of racism in California,...
American Son: A Novel (W.W. Norton)
Published by Association of Asian American Studies
"Brian Ascalon Roley’s American Son is a short novel that packs a wallop, like a boxer who strikes hard in the first line and doesn’t let up with unexpected punches. As in another...
American Son: A Novel (W.W. Norton)
Published by Los Angeles Times
"American Son," not unlike Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections" and much else in recent American fiction, shows how family members are capable of afflicting and disappointing one...
American Son: A Novel (W.W. Norton)
Published by Salon.com
In a searing look at the immigrant experience, two half-Filipino brothers navigate a California of small-time thieves, Mexican gangsters and attack dogs trained using Nazi...