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Apr 2009

Brian Ascalon Roley is the author of American Son: A Novel  (W W Norton), a New York Times Notable Book and recipient of the 2003 Association of Asian American Studies Prose Book Award. His novel was also a Los Angeles Times Best Book, Kiriyama Pacific Rim Prize finalist, and Salon Best of May choice. The NY Times says, "Two half Filipino brothers can pass as white; their mother cannot. Painful conflicts are in store for everybody in this complex exploration of racism in California, starting in 1993, a year after the Rodney King Riots." It continues to be taught in universities and high schools across the country. It was also included in the California Council for the Humanities' statewide reading program of 2004. Brian's work has been translated and appeared widely in anthologies and national magazines.

Raised in Los Angeles, he is half Filipino and a graduate of Cornell's MFA program in creative writing. 


He teaches at Miami University's graduate creative writing program and spends his time in Cincinnati and Los Angeles. He is also a faculty editor at Miami University Press where he has judged one of the only novella prizes in the country that results in a published stand alone book--the Miami University Press Novella Prize--and edited books of fiction.


An Artist of the Floating World. The Crossing. As I Lay Dying. Love Medicine. The Sweet Hereafter. Drown. Dogeaters.

Upcoming Works

I'm working on a collection and 2 novels. Much of it is set in California and deals with similar issues to the first novel--Filipino American and multiracial characters, problems of empathy and dislocation--and some involves problems of parenting and disability.

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