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Favorite Detectives
Although the Chevalier Ramsay is not as sophisticated as Poirot, Clouseau or Holmes, he certainly has his moments. Ramsay's entire life is a mystery, even to himself.
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Who could dispute the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as the best detective stories ever written?  I never fail to pause when I see one on television even though I already know how they all end.  Of course, Dr. Watson is just a tad TOO stupid for me, but the new Dr. Watson in the latest remake was a bit more like Cato from the Pink Panther series.  Speaking of which, how can I choose between Holmes and Clouseau? That suave and debonair master of the mysterious?  But again, how could I forget M. Poirot?  Who is more masterful, more suave, more debonair than Christie's fashionable dectective? My favorite Christie case: Death on the Nile. Favorite Pink Panther: A Shot in the Dark.  Favorite Doyle? Hound of the Baskervilles. 

Hey, I'm ready for a movie marathon with plenty of soda, popcorn and M & M's.