where the writers are

I sent the manuscript for Restored Hope to the publisher last week and I am waiting for the editorial review to come back. In the meantime I am waiting - patiently. Well, not so patiently. Let's just say I'm waiting. They said it will take 2-4 weeks. But I know it won't take that long, then there is the long wait AND I mean LONG wait for the layout - that takes about a month and then the cover design and approval and then the print design. If I'm lucky I will actually have a copy of Restored Hope in my hand by July 1.

But in the meantime Disrupted Lives is running through my head....now you might be wondering..."How in the world does she finish one book and immediately have another one running through her head?"  That's easy I guess, Disrupted Lives was supposed to be written first - it's just that Restored Hope jumped in front.

I suppose as an author I give voice to other people - I know they are all fiction and the characters aren't real, but when I'm writing their stories, they are real and I have no idea where the story is going...it just takes off. Sort of like, I'm waiting for the characters to tell me where they want to go. In all of my other books I knew exactly when, how and where they were going to end. Not true for Restored Hope. "They" told me how to end it.. and it is good!

Oh, I guess that's not fair is it? Now you all have to wait!