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When did it become a game of who can pretend to be the happiest person?

Who can live in the best environment and raise the perfect family...now by perfect it no longer means best schools, finest educations, richest neighborhoods. After all WE are in a recession -- oh, OR is that over all ready? (I think I missed that part). By perfect family I mean the 'well adjusted' family - you know those who can stick together through thick and thin, those who can somehow or another make it as one cohesive unit when the rest of the universe is falling apart around them. The ones who have teenagers that are not going off to get high, or drunk, or god forbid -- tattoos or piercings - What would the neighbors think? No, no, no, I mean what would - oh who cares anyway - when all is said and done who really cares what the neighbors think - do you have any idea what is going on inside the neighbors house? Better question: Do you care? If that answer is yes, you might want to go sit down and look in the mirror and ask yourself why.