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Book Review - The Greatest Tragedy of All - Deanna Lee Warren

The Greatest Tragedy of All

Deanna Lee Warren

407 pgs – Publish America

The Greatest Tragedy of All is a well written story that integrates families and individuals that touch those families across continents and decades. There are a lot of characters in this story but Ms. Warren handles them with ease.

I am not one of those reviewers who recap the story line in a review – but let me say this about The Greatest Tragedy of All – I was captivated from the beginning and sad to see it end when it did. The story keeps moving and being an author I can usually tell where the story is going - - I was surprised many times.

Ms. Warren brings in the belief of psychic dreams and evil lurking amongst the living, which only makes this novel that much more enjoyable. She includes sibling rivalry, women luring men with sex and the ultimate destruction of humanity – ego.

The only negative I would point out is that it definitely needs a professional edit to clean up orphaned lines and erratic commas.

Thank you for allowing me to review this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.