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Writing A Serialized Novel

I had this story I was writing for a site online (long defunct). It was supposed to be serialized, basically a scene per chapter. The site shut down before I got to even the sixth or seventh week. Years later, I decided to publish the story in my newsletter, a year later, the newsletter was giving me trouble, and I decided to drop it. (Too many email addresses bounced from bogus accounts. If anyone knows about paying per email, this can really eat into a budget paying for emails never reaching anyone) So, I went on to publish the story on my website, not a good idea. (seemed the links to previous webpages was attracting webcrawals and generating more spam than I was already getting). Where did I go? To my yahoo group. Unfortunately, people were having trouble opening the document folder or it was loading slow, etc... and they were requesting I email them each chapter. So where is my 100,000 word erotic vampire romance story now? I put it in a blog.

Need an enticement to go read it?


Intriguingly beautiful and demure recluse, Valentina Wells doesn’t want her life to change. However, when her mother dies, instincts take over and turn her against the world—thrusting her toward the perilous needs of her once bridled nature. The stranger she meets on the day of her mother’s death, proves to be a savior to her broken heart. Only how does she keep Nathan safe from the forces intent on destroying what she covets.
When handsome Nathan Hawks meets the mysterious young woman with a dark history, he’s obsessively drawn into protecting her and helping her learn the secrets to her existence. In the deadliest journey of his life, he soon learns that maybe his love isn’t strong enough against an immortal’s dangerous desires.


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