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Exposing the Secrets of Freud's Inner Circle

Please enjoy this five minute book trailer for Brenda Webster's Vienna Triangle, a story of rivalry, intrigue and suicide in Freud's inner circle.

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You've uncovered some delving material about Freud and his cadre. No doubt that Freud influenced psychiatry is a major way. But realize that the entire Freudian theory has been attacked.  The schools of "organic" psychriaty ignore his concepts totally.  I went to Washington University St. Louis (home of organic psychiatry). Our school refused to even teach Freudian theory. Local psychoanalyists volunteered their time to come in and "expose" us to the process of psychoanalysis. Fascinating but is it relevent?

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This is just a terrific

This is just a terrific video--intelligent, well-made, good comments. Your video has made me interested in your book--excellent job

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Freud Vienna Triangle video

Thank you Julia! It has been getting some good attention. Check out the SF Chronicle review on my site!