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Webster combines her impressive knowledge of Freudian theory with a novelist's intuitive understanding of character and point of view. SF Chronicle

Today I took another step into the world of high tech. I was interviewed by Paula Hendricks at Dublit. By chance, a few days before at my Berkeley reading, someone had come up to me and told me I should get onto this intriguing sounding site.. I had never heard of it but when Paula arranged to interview me, I asked if we could put the podcast--and I had never heard one of those either--on Dublit. It turned out that Dublit was providing the studio and the editing--something we all need. Its statement says it uses digital technology to cultivate the art of storytelling. According to the knowledgeable young man who assured us that he could erase our gaffes, Dublit has a growing library of audio shorts. Anyone can record themselves and join. It seems as potentially useful for established writers who want to increase their audiences as for beginners. So thought I'd pass on the word.

While I'm at it, I want to invite any of you from Los Angeles to my upcoming live! reading at Village Books,Pacific Palisades on Feb. 19th at 7:30    By next year there may be no live anything. So share a little nostalgia with me.