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Learning to Write Sarah's Way
People wanted to hear more about Sarah's writing methods and suicide.  I've just posted her story (Under Stories).  This is the beginning. "Don't call her. That's the worst thing you could do for her. She'd just drag you into a morass of self pity. Believe me, I know, I've been her friend for years. You can't help her." This was Sara's best friend talking. I'd called her because I was worried. Sara hadn't answered her phone for days. "No. Don't call her," she says emphatically in a voice very like Sara's. "Leave the phone alone. She has to hit rock bottom. Then maybe just maybe she'll take herself to a detox center and dry out. We can't do it for her. Believe me..." After I type this, Sara materializes beside my computer, shrunk she's been shrinking ever since last May but still a presence you have to take into account. She's standing hands on hips, open mouthed at my stupidity. Then she lets me have it. "Rule one: never bring in a character you're not going to use. You should know that by now, Miranda. And a phone conversation in the first paragraph. I mean, my God! How much less dramatic can you get?"  "All right," I tell her, "you don't need to yell, I'll try something else." "And remember you're not a reporter," Sara says as she fades out,"you're writing fiction." I pick up my pencil and concentrate.