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Goals of therapy

Jung at Heart (http://www.jung-at-heart.com/jung_at_heart) suggests that Freud's definition of health as the ability to love and work is a good goal for therapy.

It sounds good but I wonder how often it really works. I was in Freudian analysis for years--I've written about in in my memoir The Last Good Freudian--and was too masochistic to leave even though my analyst was clearly abusive. The amazing thing is that when I finally got the strength to leave and started writing novels, I made more progress in a year of looking at myself as a character and trying to make that character stronger than I did in years of being asked why I wasn't getting better. I was also able to exit an abusive marriage and find a caring adult man. So love and work YES but analysis as a means--I am dubious.

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One day...

One day I was at a psychologist's cabinet accompanying one of my relatives and waiting for our turn.I was sitting beside a man in his late fifties.Suddenly he connected with me and started dicussing about miscellaneous things.Amongs what he told me,I recall this:

"You know why psychologists and psychiatrits chose this job?Because they are such troubled persons and have such a mess in their head that they feel the need to understand themselves.So they go to the university to study psychoanalysis and ends up as psychologists."

Not far from reality,isn't it?