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Chosing a title

When I was down to a final draft of my new novel, I started thinking of titles. In a week I'd covered pages of contenders.This novel was especially difficult because it had two interwoven plots seperated by half a century. One of them had to do with Kate, a young researcher in the 60's interviewing the aging analyst Helene Deutsch about the role of women in the Psychoanalytic Movement.  "Asking Questions"  "Choices" and "Family Secrets" were dropped on the first round.What about the second plot which had to do with the loves and rivalries in the early movement that led to the tragic and unexplained death of Freud's most brilliant disciple, Viktor Tausk. "Murder by Proxy"was too hostile to Freud as was "Feet of Clay" --though that made a lot of sense, it completely ignored Kate. "At the Feet of the Master" had a nice ring to it and lasted a week in top place. Then my best friend, Carol, suggested "Vienna Triangle". That covered the dual triangles in the novel and could also be the title Kate chooses for her own prospective book on the mystery of Tausk's death. When my publisher objected that someone might think it a dessert or a geographic location, I suggested Gustav Klimt's gorgeous painting, The Kiss, for the cover. Now the title suggests as I wanted it to, love and rivalry, without casting blame.