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Short Story
Sample chapters of my new novel, soon to be published
The Murder   He came out of the dark and grabbed Aja around the throat, choking off her air supply and making it impossible to call for help. She beat her hands at him, striking him in the face and anywhere she could connect, but it was futile. He hung on and squeezed tighter. His face loomed closer and Aja saw who it was, but she couldn't understand it. How...
Short Story
It should be a safe place. For Stephanie, however, it is a false sense of peace. Tucked away in privacy and security. The deer that feel comfortable enough to walk into her front yard to graze on the tender grass. It all seems designed to lull her into feeling safe. She knows better.  Stephanie moved to Kelowna to get away from a violent relationship. Peter's...
Short Story
The room is bare, with a bed and not much else.  There are no curtains on the windows and the carpet has burn holes from a previous tenant.  I shiver, although it isn't cold.  The new place is what causes my unease.  It is another town, another house, but still the same life.  My suitcase lies on my bed while I deliberate over unpacking.  Will we be here long...