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Falling Leaves
Autumn Leaves

The sun is warm on my face, but the breeze coming off the water is cool and causes my shoulders to hunch a little in my too-light jacket. Autumn is here and my heart is light. The leaves on the trees are riotous in their spectacular colors and my eyes can't get enough of seeing. The park is nearly empty of people besides a few brave souls out on the chilly water in their boats or Seadoos. The water is dark blue and a little choppy from the wind. Autumn is a time of dying, but I've never felt more alive. My old life is dying off bit by bit, just as the leaves drop from their branches. The bare limbs will gather their strength over the long winter only to burst into new life with the Spring. Death can be beautiful too, because old things have to die in order to make room for new life. So, I feel no sadness when Fall arrives. I enjoy the beauty of the dying leaves and anticipate the glorious Spring to come just as I anticipate what my new life will bring. Let the leaves fall around me. I'm ready for something new.