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A Clean Slate

Isn't there something attractive about a clean slate? I think it's one of the reasons people make New Year's resolutions year after year when most of the time they forget about them by February first. We love a clean slate. We love the idea that we can wipe the past clean and start over. I watched Forest Gump again a couple of days ago and there was a line in the movie that struck me. The two characters are in a bar ringing in the New Year amongst raucous partiers and one of the women with them says, "Don't you just love New Year's? Everybody gets a second chance." The look on her face is sad and filled with longing. All she wants is to wipe the past clean and start over. She wants a chance to feel good about herself again.

Don't we all desire to feel good about ourselves? I know I do. I did something the other day that was minor in the scheme of things. I realized after having a talk with Daryl that I was in the wrong. I apologized and everything was fine. But, the thing that bothered me the most was not that I'd made a mistake. It was that I'd disappointed the man I love so deeply. I felt bad about myself. Wonderful man that he is, he didn't rub it in. In fact, he's more inclined to excuse me. And, funny enough, that just makes me feel worse because he's so generous. We humans are a strange lot.

The key to feeling good about ourselves is to self-examine and set goals to make changes little by little. It's not about overnight change. If we try and change everything that quickly we are just setting ourselves up to fail. But a little change every day is progress. We can feel good about the changes we've made and look forward to making more at a healthy progress. It's the same as trying to lose extra weight in a month. It would be more healthy to set a goal of six months or a year. Patience is the key.