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Fort Collins, Colorado
Jun 2008

Braun Mincher is a young and successful entrepreneur who was able to "retire" several years ago at the age of 30 a self-made multi-millionaire, even though he started with nothing and dropped out of college. He has a simple formula for financial success and now pursues his passion of better educating ALL consumers (regardless of age, income or education level), and not just the business or financial savvy, on the topic of "Practical Financial Literacy," with the philosophy that Financial Literacy = Financial Success. He has recently undertaken a nationwide initiative to bring a new awareness to the "Financial Illiteracy Epidemic" and is traveling the country to further this important cause.

Braun Mincher is a recognized expert in the field of personal finance who is frequently interviewed by the media, and his credentials include being both a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Mortgage Broker. Braun is further challenging high schools and colleges across the nation to make Personal Finance classes a graduation requirement, just like math, English and science. In addition to being the creator of FinancialLiteracyQuiz.com, he is also the award-winning author of a new book, The Secrets of Money: A Guide for Everyone on Practical Financial Literacy, which shares his own interesting and entrepreneurial story, simple money making secrets that are rarely taught, tips for making money and creating wealth, and the keys to long-term financial success. 

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and award-winning author, Braun is also a professional and experienced speaker who inspires, educates and entertains audiences of all sizes on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, business, and of course, personal finance.

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Q. Why did you write the book?

A. The idea had been in my mind for many years as I kept seeing how "financially illiterate" we were becoming as a society. We would never think of letting people into the "real world" who could not read or write or do basic math, but that is exactly what we have let happen when it comes to the basics of finances, something that affects everyone regardless of age or income. The book is my way of trying to make a positive difference and give something back based upon the lessons I have learned (most the hard way...). It is what I consider to be the bare minimum baseline for every adult to understand.

Q. How long did it take you to write the book?

A. About 3 years before the book was published I started to outline it on paper. After selling one of my telecom companies, I spent 3 months living in Key West, Florida and that is where I started to write. After working on it occasionally for about a year, it then took another full year of dedication and focus to conduct all of the research and for the remainder of the writing and editing. All in all, it was a 3 year project.

Q. Who is the target audience for the book?

I have written the book to be fairly broad in acceptance, hence the sub-title stating that it is a "Guide for EVERYONE on Practical Financial Literacy." People from college students to MD's ask me personal finance questions on a daily basis, that are now covered in the book. Whether you are a senior in high school or a senior in life, this book is for you. You are guaranteed to learn something (that saves you at least the cost of the book), or we will give you back your money.

Q. Why has there been a constant increase in "financial illiteracy" among adults?

A. There are multiple reasons. First, the entire topic has become so complex (and in some cases embarrassing) for parents to discuss with their children. There are also so many other activities these days that dominate a person when they are growing up, this just falls to the bottom of the list -- think about how many school functions, sporting events, travels and the like the average family and their children participate in. Finally, at the core, I think that there is a shortcoming on the part of the current education system, whether it is at the high school or college level. I went to public schools and got a good education with lots of classes on business and finance that are no doubt a large part of who I am today; I still use on a daily basis the skills that I learned in accounting, finance, marketing, business and similar classes.

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Braun is a licensed pilot (land & sea) who enjoys flying, wakeboarding, SCUBA diving and traveling both domestically and internationally, recently returning from business trips to South Africa and India. In a previous life, Braun was also a formula racecar driver.