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Detained at the Airport Security Checkpoint

I was standing in the airport security check line, trying to catch an early flight home from a recent road test of the 2008 Ford Focus in Seattle.


It had been a quick overnight trip, so I wanted to carry my small bags onto the plane, so I could buzz past the baggage conveyor at LAX and get home sooner. All my toiletries were carefully stored in their little 2.5-ounce bottles and safely tucked into the required one-quart plastic bag, so I could fly through the X-ray machine.

Suddenly something alarming occurred to me: I had bought a souvenir jar of raspberry honey at the Snoqualmie Falls gift shop. It had been lovingly sealed with wax, and was hand-tied with a beautiful bow; I had wrapped it carefully in a washcloth to make sure it wouldn't be damaged during transport.

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