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North, South, East or West

This is an interesting blog topic. I am from the cold north, born in Chicago, and just recently again descended from the cold north into the South where I am now living.  I consider myself a northerner-I am a native Chicagoan in every aspect of my being and that for me has never changed. That said, I have learned to appreciate some things Southern....In terms of east or west...I have always considered myself more of an east coaster than a west coaster. I never actually thought about the west coast at all...in my vision of myself and the world and the things I wanted-my life fit into the script of a Woody Allen film(namely Hannah and her sisters) and had absolutely nothing western about it....But then last year, I went to San Francisco for the first time...I didn't know what to expect of the west...I didn't know what to expect of California...but I very much love San Francisco and look forward to returning there, maybe to study....maybe to write....but I would love to spend some time there for sure. And perhaps I will also venture into Southern California.....just to drop in....