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Spring Hill, TN
Darlene Abbott
Jul 2011


I’m a walking example of how normal is the new rebellion.  I’m a born-again Christian and a conservative Republican, though I freely admit the two have very little to do with one another. I was raised in Alabama and now reside in Nashville, TN.  I love literature, especially Faulkner and Twain, and I’m just man enough to admit to having read every Nicholas Sparks book ever written (except that one about him and his brother). I’m a drummer, a web designer, and a very novice fiction writer who wishes I had more time to devote to that new-found hobby.

Most importantly, though, I’m a husband to an amazing woman and a father to three wonderful children.  Aside from salvation itself, I consider my family to be God’s greatest gift to me.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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