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Nov 2009

At ReadHowYouWant we believe that all books should be made accessible at the time of publication so that readers can choose the format that suits them best.

 After more than four years of testing, ReadHowYouWant has successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into high quality, alternative formats efficiently which allows them to be sold at price points comparable to the standard edition. Our unique business model encourages publishers to make their content accessible for all kinds of readers. 

 We currently partner with over 70 publisher in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom to release their titles in five sizes of large print, braille, DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System), audio, and ebooks.

You don't need to be blind or have low vision to follow this page and the issues and interests of the accessible publishing and low vision communities--we are always looking for supporters of all kinds! Also, it's not just low visioned readers that prefer accessible editions anymore--check out a large print book or an audio file--you just might find your new favorite way to read!

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