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The rhythm - is that the most important thing in poetry and in prose?
Bozena Intrator - photo by David Intrator

I love writing poems but I also love reading them aloud - especially when I have a poetry reading in the evening.  It happened many times that after I have read the poems that I have planned to read, people have asked me to read one more poem and one more and I ended up reading the entire book and my poetry evening turned into a poetry night. I remember a night I have spent with poetry lovers in a beautiful German town - Quedlinburg.  I was supposed to have one hour reading from my book "Szepczac - Gelüster".  I have chosen 5 poems - every meeting with the readers is different and I used to be afraid, that reading poems will bore the people, that they would prefer simply to speak to the author - that means to me (now I know that it is not the case but that was 10 years ago).  I read the poems and was asked to read more, I read more, and was asked to continue.  When I have finished to read the last poem in German - somebody from the public has asked me if I could read one of the poems in Polish (this is a 2 languages poetry collection). I asked if there is anybody who understands Polish? Nobody did. But more people asked if I could do it, they wanted to listen to the melody of the foreign language. (In the back of my head I heard my old neighbors words - "You know, I think that during the war the Germans hated our language the most, they didn't want us to speak Polish at all!) I have found the shortest poem and started to read it. To my surprise they were listening and they seemed to like what they heard. In fact they wanted me to read the next and the next and I ended up reading all the poems in Polish even though nobody understood what I read.

Because maybe the most important thing in poetry is the rhythm?  They liked the rhythm of my poems.

A friend of mind form that German town has called me yesterday and reminded me of that reading - so this is why I decided to read a few of my poems and post them on youtube.

Here is the link to the poem that I posted today:




You are so close and yet so far away

only a few minutes lie between us
and Your words

“come over right the way”

and sometimes
even weeks
and Your silence
day after day

You are so close
and yet so far away

oceans lie between us sometimes
and then again
face next to face
between us
only a puff of air

(for Klaus Maria Brandauer)



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Thank you for the beautiful song, Bozena!

Absolutely, rhythm is the most important thing in poetry.  It's the heart of what we do.  

Cheers and read on!  Marilyn 

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Thank you for calling my poem a song.

It's nice to meet somebody who loves poetry (I looked at your page). 

Yes, the rhythm is the heart of what we do.