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A Valentine's Day gift from Angels?

Yesterday the winter returned to us – everything is white again, it was snowing the entire day… At night I was driving back home from a party, it was around 1.30.  I didn't drink a drop of alcohol, so I drove relatively fast since the road was almost empty. Because the road was covered with snow,  I started to brake long (about 300 meters) before the last curve I had to take – I had to make a left turn into a small road that leads into the forest in which my house is located. And suddenly I realized that my car is sliding and I have very little control over it – this is a 525 BMW – a classic 1994 version and I love this car, I had it for a long time, but it weights 2600 kg.  I started to see my life passing by while I was sliding into a brick wall in front of me. It was happening very fast but to me it seemed that it is happening  in slow motion – me – missing the curve, sliding into the wall through the beautiful white snow.  Everything was so white, so incredibly white, only the sky dark without any stars and suddenly the snow on the road, on the wall and everywhere around me started to glow very bright, I was falling into a white bright light, there was no wall and no snow, only the feeling that this light is saving me and at that moment the light disappeared and my car started to react the way I wanted it to react – I turned away from the wall and I just landed on the left road side.  I sat there for just maybe a minute without moving and after that minute I backed from the roadside to the little street I was supposed to turn into and I slowly drove home.

I didn’t feel scared, I only felt that the adrenline level jumped up and my heart became very loud.  Otherwise I felt as I was in a dream and was just wondering about the light that for a few seconds surrounded me. 

What was that? 

A Valentine's Day gift from Angels? ...