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A sign from Heaven?

So after a week in my first full-time job in Cleveland - even if it is only for a semester - my boss at the temple Sunday school where I teach in the Hebrew resource room asked me for a favor. She wanted me to conduct the "Adult Learning" session this week, where parents of religious school students regularly come together for half an hour to discuss the week's Torah portion.

I said yes, and this afternoon I checked on which portion it was.

Bingo! The first six of the Ten Plagues, precisely what Escape From Goshen is about. I'm bringing in one of the first articles I read during my book research, describing scientists' theories about how the plagues might have been the result of climate change in Egypt and the enormous Santorini volcanic eruption about 3,500 years ago.

Could this be serendipitously related to the fact that when I got into the car today after taking my daughter and a friend to the Cleveland Botanical Garden, a song written and performed by someone I knew in high school was playing on the radio? Will someone who doesn't already know me and my book (like everybody who usually participates in the Adult Learning sessions) spontaneously decide to show up, and will that person be the sibling of an editor at Little, Brown Kids (my dream publisher)?

(Dolgarnit, I'm doing it again. Getting all excited over what will undoubtedly be nothing.)

Tune in tomorrow . . .


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Sounds like the universe is

Sounds like the universe is speaking to you, Bonnie. Best to listen and not doubt.  Looking forward to reading what happens. 

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I guess my doubt comes from

I guess my doubt comes from the belief that the universe speaks to everyone, Jodi. So I'm not sure whether I'm interpreting the voice correctly or just reading into it.