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To Hide in the Light; reprinted in Bonnie Roberts: Greatest Hits
Japanese Print   I dreamed last night we had many children.We were in the house and wanted to make love.You told me, "We must be quiet."You tied a silk scarf across my mouth, loosely,Kotted it behind my neck.It was a white scarf with birds and Japanese trees,Your mother's scarf, passed down to me,Her memory of unsinging birds and other still,...
First published, Elk River Review, To Hide in the Light; Published at www.poetsagainstwar.com; in Congressional Record as protest of Iraq War by Sam Hamhill
I wish I had never seen red.I would give up ripe tomatoes and wine. I wish I had never seen blue.I would give up the migration of indigo buntings. I wish I had never seen green.I would give up my tree and cilantro. I wish I had never seen yellow.I would give up canary wings, lemon-butter. I wish I had been born into a colorless world,of no difference.No blood...
Poet's Corner, WOMPO, University of Maine, international site by Anny Ballardini
 The Bottom of the Sea Is Silent Daddy ragedthe day we fell on the railroad track.He gave us the whipping of our livesbecause he loved us so much,found even the idea of losing us intolerable,running him down flat,something irredeemable black,hard as iron, steel,a mindless force he could not reckon with. Then there was the timein his blazing yellow swim trunks,...
Only the Sea Keeps: Poetry of the Tsunami, eds. Judith Robinson and Sankar Roy, Bayeux Arts, France