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"The Bottom of the Sea Is Silent"

 The Bottom of the Sea Is Silent

Daddy raged
the day we fell on the railroad track.
He gave us the whipping of our lives
because he loved us so much,
found even the idea of losing us
running him down flat,
something irredeemable black,
hard as iron, steel,
a mindless force he could not reckon with.

Then there was the time
in his blazing yellow swim trunks,
like the sun itself had fallen into the sea,
he beat and boiled the waves,
his ray arms
digging for us,
thinking we were forever lost,

his two sand dollar girls
adrift somewhere on the bottom.

When we touched his back and he turned,
grabbing us with sea monster claws,
stinging and relentless, instead of hands,
at first, there was only creature fury in his eyes,
not joy, and behind it,
suffering that branded us forever
with the unbearable weight
of his human heart.

He released us without a word,
only the sign language of the red imprint of his hand,
and the warm sea, hissing his love,
in merciful waves.


(Poem has been slightly revised since publication on FieraLingue.  Poems on "FieraLingue" are arranged alphabetically, by poets last names.)