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The Atlanta Review is the review through which I entered the 1995 "Randall Jarrell Poetry Prize," sponsored by the N.C. Writers Network.  I received a letter from the North Carolina Writers' Network, and the results were also published in the Atlanta Review, 1996, Atlanta, GA.  Publishes poetry, and international poetry competitions.  Editor:  Daniel Veach.
The Birmingham Art Association is a non-profit organization that includes a broad range of members and patrons.  The Birmingham Arts Journal is published quarterly by the Birmingham Arts Association.  The BAJ publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork of high resolution (300 dpi or higher). To submit work:  Send via email to:  BAJ@BirminghamArtAssociation.org.  
Slipstream, Issue #6, Nightlife Theme
This literary magaine or literary review features the work of both new and established writers.  It was founded in 1980, and continues to grow, as it publishes chabooks now, many of which are "on the edge."  The publisher is now Niagra Falls, New York. Small Magazine Review says of Slipstream:  "the poets in Slipstream are all accessible, entertaining, serious, full...
This literary review is one of high-quality poetry and short fiction at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan.  It has been publishing since 1984.
The Appalachian Heritage, at Berea College, publishes works of writers primarily from Appalachian region.  The literary review, which publishes poetry, short stories, and essays, once dealt mostly with the past.  Now, however, I read on their site that they are looking for ground-breaking poems that look to the future, and the changes that have taken place in Appalachia, and the...
Poetry Australia once accepted poetry from all over the world.  The new Poetry Australia, which I found online, www.poetryaustralia.com, accepts work only from Australians.  The review to which I submitted work consisted of poetry only.  The two poems they published are both, in ways, about communicating, good change and bad change, in complete stillness and in total noise,...
At the time I was publishing in Bogg: A Journal of American and British Writing, in the 1980's, it was a journal of most original, often funny, satirical, and sometimes outlandish poetry from both America and the UK.  I was proud to be in this journal with poets like Charles Bukowski.  Also, Bogg was a market for my "experimental," or way-outside-the-lines poetry of the...
This collection is divided into three parts: 1) A poem written by the editor of Collage in memory of Steven Owen Bailey, a young interior designer and artist, who died "too soon" and who requested that the editor "tell his story"; 2)selected journal entries of Steven Owen Bailey, some that are quite ingenuous and, in ways, heartbreaking; some that show a budding...
In 1985, when women's poetry was not as prevalent as it is today, Melissa Clark asks men to listen very, very hard to what women say about their own self-perception, and not how men, such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, or Dr. Frankenstein have perceived them.  She asks that they listen as though they are hearing a violin being played with a feather instead of a bow.  Obviously, this...
As described by the then executive editor, Ruth Lisa Schecther:   Regarding the Spring/Summer 1988 Anthology/Awards Issue #11:  "Our warm thanks to the many poets, writers and scholars of reputation in this issue who contributed new insights about Anne Sexton and to those whose diverse work further enhanced this tribute." Regarding Sexton:  "A prolific writer, she...
This anthology was a project of the current Poet Laureate of Alabama, Dr. Sue B. Walker, and was carried out, for the most, by poet and publisher of Elk River Review, J. William Chambers.  Dr. Walker's idea was to collect a poem from Alabamians that had an Alabama place name or the word "Alabama" in the piece.  John Chambers divided the poems into these categories:  I....
Hundreds of poets and their work can be found at this web site.  Work can be submitted to Anny Ballardini via Poet's Corner at the URL. "Maybe an Angel Will Intervene" is a part of the Little Girl Faces on Old Bones poetry manuscript.
According to the editors, Jerri Beck (who still lives and writes in Birmingham, AL) and Anne George (now deceased) in the Foreword:  "This is a southern woman's anthology in that each author was born in the South and has spent her whole life or a considerable portion of her life here.  Each woman is now living and working in Alabama; each, with the exception of Anna, 17, our...
Dances in Straw with a Two-Headed Calf, Elk River Review, 2002
Dances in Straw with a Two-Headed Calf is a much more harder-hitting collection than Roberts' first, To Hide in the Light.  Many of the poems are concerned with living as a failed romantic in the world, or always on the dicey edge of bitterness, but fighting for life against it.  Some poems in this collections pull the reader into the poet's sacred appreciation of life--all life--...