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A TRUE STORY: "I Died Six Times in One Day" published at Huffington Post's MYDAILY today, June 13th, 2011!

MyDaily at Huffington Post:


By the movement of her lips, I knew she was yelling "Mom," over and over, but I couldn't hear the words . . . and involuntarily my eyes drifted away from her.

The mercy about dying is that as one loses oxygen to the brain, there is no fear or pain.

[The cardiologist] did warn my family that I most likely would not survive, and that, if I did, I would more than likely be a mental vegetable--and on some days, I do feel that way--cauliflower or rutabaga.

Without the Red Room, and the work of Gina, my kind, efficient, and persistent Red Room Editor, I would never have placed this piece.  A big thank you to the Red Room for making this possible!