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Justin Bye-Bye

We are sitting in the nose bleed seats in a South Florida arena.  I paid a fortune to buy Justin Bieber tickets through his fan club so that my 10 and 8 yr old daughters wouldn't have broken hearts and miss their idol.   We see his small figure far down below and I think he was dancing with his entourage.   I think he was singing.   The sound was so bad and  tweens ( all girls) were screaming so loud that we couldn't tell.   Thank goodness they put up these big screens so you get to see the action otherwise you wouldn't realize that the show was on.  OK - he sings well and he moves well.  Very Michael Jacksonish.  He wore a silly cap which is so passé. 

The only time my girls got a good look at him was when he was suspended above the crowd singing  accompanied by his acoustic guitar.

My eight year old spent the nights twisting her glo stick into different shapes and my ten year had her fingers in her ears to drown out the chaos. When she wasn't doing that she was biting her nails.  I spent the night looking at my watch and wishing it hadn't stopped.

After the show ended my girls left proudly wearing their new Justin Bieber T-shirts.  They immediately called their buddies on the cell phone,  who were also leaving the show and they squealed how amazing Justin was, how much they love him, how they adore him.   They must have said ‘Oh MY God!" a hundred times.  My older one even was convinced that he would come to her school prom if she asked him.

Her best friend was saying how she and Justin text each other often.  My little one said, "if you love him so much then why don't you marry him?"  Then I couldn't hear the conversation because of the screams and shrieks of delight. 

They haven't played his CD since the show.  I don't know what that means.

My take?   He doesn't have enough starness  to last.  Maybe Usher knows something I don't.   I'm like, "Justin Bye Bye."  But I wouldn't tell my girls.